Prizes are an important part of any competition. This year, artists, critics, theoreticians, curators, and managers of spaces, galleries, and activities in the visual arts will receive a total of PLN 100,000. For us, the organisers of the Salon, the possibility of supporting the most vulnerable and yet fundamental elements of the cultural ecosystem, i.e. freelancers and grassroots movements, is absolutely vital. There is no culture without them. For these are the PEOPLE and PLACES that are the essence of the artistic environment and the contemporary identity of the city.

Prizes will be awarded in two categories during the Kraków Art Salon 2020:

20 prizes of PLN 3500 each for natural persons (individuals)


3 prizes of PLN 10,000 each for legal persons (e.g. foundations, associations, or private galleries) active in the field of visual arts.

The prizes will be awarded by the COMMISSION FOR BREAKING SCENES OF MISERY appointed as part of the Kraków Art Salon whose assessment will be based on the applications received in response to the open call for proposals from the organisers by 5 September 2020. The commission will be composed of people active in Kraków’s visual arts community, representing various generations and professions connected to the field of visual arts.

Details concerning the principles of participating in the competition are described in the competition rules and regulations (link) and also on the page devoted to the competition (link).

The materials submitted by the participants will be published on the event’s social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) and on the project website.