Only new works
No age restrictions

Without unnecessary formalities

Simple application form

Open call until
July 16, 2019
If you’re from Krakow and do art, submit your works for the Krakow Arts Salon
Dear Artists, and past and present Neighbours, Friends, and Strangers,

This year, for the secend time, we are organising Krakow Arts Salon. We want to know what art is being created in Kraków and to pass this knowledge on to the city residents, your friends, acquaintances, and acquaintances of your acquaintances. We would like to meet you, and together look at what is created in your studios, what you have been thinking about, and what you have been working on recently. We imagine Krakow Arts Salon as our joint festival, of both artists and recipients, without any split into styles or environments. We plan to organise an exhibition. This will be a wide survey of contemporary art, combined with prize awards, a series of accompanying events, meetings, and lectures.

If you are reading this letter, perhaps you contemplate applying to Krakow Arts Salon. We would cordially like to encourage you to do so. Please send an application if you feel connected with Kraków. We will not require any birth certificates, any other certificates, or diplomas from you. It is enough that you live or used to live here, acquired or are in the process of acquiring education here, or cooperate with Krakow’s art institutions or galleries. However, first of all, we do hope that you feel like participating actively in the artistic life of the city and you want to show your works just here. We will be very grateful if you accept our invitation and propose your work for Krakow Arts Salon. Application forms are very simple, and you can fill them out online or send by post. You can read more about details below.

Kind regards,
Izabela Helbin, Krakow Festival Office
Magdalena Kownacka, Artists Innovation Theory Foundation
Gaweł Kownacki, Artists Innovation Theory Foundation


How to apply?


Works for Krakow Arts Salon can be submitted personally, by post, or by an online form. An open recruitment will continue through the 16th of July, 2019. We look forward to works sent by artists themselves, and not by any galleries or institutions representing them. Applications can be submitted in the following ways:


  • By post to the following address: Fundacja Artyści Innowacja Teoria, ul. Ujejskiego 2a, 30-102 Kraków (the date of post stamp will be decisive about keeping the deadline). If you submit your application by post, please attach your work-related documentation you want to present during Krakow Arts Salon to the properly filled form.


Every artist may apply up to three works of art, and one or more of them can qualify to the participation in the Art Salon. By the term work of art, we understand sculptures, objects, paintings, photographs, audio and video works, performances, and installations, single or multi-item ones, which, in the author’s opinion, form one whole.

All applied works have to be created not earlier than 1 January 2017 and be the artist’s property. Works could formerly be presented. The originators and initiators of Krakow Arts Salon, namely Magdalena Kownacka, an art historian and Gaweł Kownacki, an artist and a curator, will select the works to be shown during the exhibition from among the ones submitted.