Creators working in various areas of art (film, the theatre, music, fashion, visual arts) and personages of the world of culture have been invited to sit on the jury of the Krakow Art Salon. We have decided to take the step, since we are interested in combining various ways of looking at art. Although prize winners will be chosen from the circle of authors of pieces exhibited at the Krakow Art Salon, the purpose in not to select ‘the best’ or ‘the most outstanding’ works created in Krakow in the previous year. Not every member of the jury, which will convene in November to judge the exhibited works, is an expert on contemporary art. Nevertheless, all of them can certainly be regarded as amateurs and allies of art. We do not want to create an in-house event, during which only art historians, curators and art institution directors debate the current hierarchies of the Krakow art landscape. We would like the jury members – employing the tools they regularly make use of in their creative work, grounding their judgement in their own experience and sensibility – to select the pieces they consider as the most arresting.

The Krakow Art Salon Jury, following a collective discussion, will award the Grand Prix and select winners in the following four categories: Painting of the Year, Object of the Year, Media Work of the Year and Action of the Years. Pieces submitted to the competition will not be arbitrarily ascribed to any of those categories by the organisers, nor have we decided to honour pieces produced with the use of a particular medium. We want the awards to correspond not so much to a technique used as to a possible interpretation of a work. We do not rule out the possibility that the Painting of the Year may turn out to be a video, while the Action of the Year – an oil on canvas.

The Krakow Art Salon is not only an opportunity for the art circles to meet, but, primarily, for an encounter with the audience. Therefore, the viewers themselves will have the chance to vote for the award number six. The award – equal in value to all the other prizes awarded by the jury – will go to the artist who will receive the highest number of votes during the eight days of the exhibition. Award winners of the Salon will be announced at a gala ceremony on the 23rd of November 2019, when we will also meet a recipient of the Wojtek Fałęcki Creative Scholarship: more information on the exceptional award is provided below.


The awards carry the prizes:


Grand Prix: 20 000 PLN

Painting of the Year: 6000 PLN

Object of the Year: 6000 PLN

Media Work of the Year: 6000 PLN

Action of the Year: 6000 PLN

Audience Award: 6000 PLN




The Wojtek Fałęcki Creative Scholarship

At the Krakow Art Salon, one more special award will be received. The Wojtek Fałęcki Creative Scholarship intends to commemorate the passionate collector and connoisseur of contemporary art, who became, owing to his intuition, incisiveness and unswerving belief in artists, a significant commentator on the Polish art scene. Collecting, he sought out art which astonished, broke boundary after boundary and demonstrated new ways of thinking.

Continuing Wojtek’s engagement in the debate on the Polish art world, his Family founded a three-month scholarship for a chosen artist exhibiting their work at the Krakow Art Salon. The scholarship will cover the period from January to March 2020, and will result in the artist’s individual exhibition at the F.A.I.T. gallery.

The scholarship has been privately funded by the collectors’ Wife and Daughter and amounts to the total of 10000 PLN. Its awarding also aims to encourage private individuals – art collectors and lovers – to support the art scene in Poland.