Art Auction


On the 24th of November 2019, the final day of the Krakow Art Salon exhibition, you are invited to take part in an art auction, during which you will be able to purchase select pieces exhibited at the Palace of Art. Sale proceeds (similarly to the common practice in gallery sales) will be divided in equal parts between an author of a work and the organisers. The part due to us will be dedicated to organising the subsequent Salon.

Why have we decided to combine the exhibition with the auction? We are certain that an event, the aim of which is to showcase the Krakow art milieu in all its complexity and wealth, ought also to provide the artists with an opportunity to sale their works and the people of Krakow with an occasion to buy them. Contemporary art trade is not a Krakow speciality, while artists based in the city often sell their work elsewhere. At the Salon auction, you will be able to bid for exquisite art works, carefully chosen by our selectors: a wonderful opportunity for people embarking on their adventure in collecting contemporary art.

The auction is organised to draw the viewers’ attention to issues related to the art market, as a reminder that without your participation, without sponsors and collectors, the artists’ professional development is decidedly hindered. The 19th-century salons of Krakow were not animated solely by discussions of art, but also by commissioning works from artist frequenting them: portraits, history paintings or furniture sets. The bourgeois interest in the arts contributed to making the turn-of-the-nineteen-century Krakow an exceptional place, which provided the grounds for the development of the most fascinating artistic phenomena of the period. We hope that, also today, our city is a home to patrons of the arts!