Michał Zalewski

The spokesman for the Krakow Festival Office and the ICE Krakow Congress Centre. Associated with the Krakow Festival Office and ICE Krakow since 2013. He was previously the acting manager of New Media and PR Department. He has co-developed the marketing and communications strategy and visual branding for ICE Krakow; the venue is a three-time winner of the Meetings Star Award for best congress centres in New Europe in 2015 and 2016 (1st prize) and 2017 (2nd prize). He was the Grand Prix winner of the Marketing of the Year competition in 2014. He was placed second in the PR Debut category in the PRotony 2015 competition and in the Place, City and Region category in the Złote Spinacze 2015 competition. He was also nominated for the title Młody Wilk – Discovery of the Year in the Marketing Director 2015 competition.

Michał is a promoter of regular meetings with students from Krakow’s universities, introducing them to the meetings industry and its significance in the marketing of locations and venues and the promotion of urban brands. He gained extensive experience while managing the promotions office for the KIJÓW.CENTRUM cinema in Krakow. During his time at the Małopolska Digital Cinema Network he was responsible for promoting events in the “alternative content” field, including transmissions of performances from the Metropolitan Opera, ballets from some of the finest music theatres around the globe and classical music concerts. He also works with organisations in the life science industry. He is a regular compere at concerts, film premieres and congresses.

Photo: Ryszard Strojnowski