Welcome to the website of the Krakow’s Art Salon!

The Kraków Art Salon is organised for the third time jointly by the Kraków Festival Office (KBF) and the Foundation – Artists – Innovation – Theory.

From its earliest days, that is since 2018, we have thought of the Kraków Art Salon primarily as a community project. The exhibition, the prizes, and the jury, composed of the luminaries of the world of culture and artists working in various fields, served to support of the local community. These are the goals that we shall not forget and we are ready to return to them in future years. However, we believe that 2020 calls for activities of a different kind. The fundamental goal for the Kraków Art Salon in 2020 is to help those representatives of the artistic community who have been most affected by the pandemic, and to create a framework for the sustainable development of the visual arts ecosystem in Kraków over the coming years. You are very cordially invited to participate in and follow the activity of the Kraków Art Salon this year!