We have extended our invitation to artists active in different areas of art (film, theatre, music, fashion, visual arts) to form the jury of Krakow Arts Salon, since we are interested in various ways of looking at art. Although laureates of the awards will be selected from the group of authors of works presented within the frameworks of Krakow Arts Salon, the goal is not to select the “best” or the “most important” works of art created in Kraków in 2018.

Not all jurors who will discuss the works shown in the exhibition this coming October are experts in the field of contemporary art. We do not want to create an industry-specific event, during which art historians, curators, and directors of institutions discuss the binding hierarchies in the artistic landscape of Kraków. We would like the jury members to select the most interesting works, in their opinion, using the tools which they usually apply in their creative work, based on their own experience and sensitivity.

Jury: Ewa Braun, Zofia Gołubiew, Katarzyna Janowską, Jaśmina Polak, Zbigniew Preisner.

After a mutual discussion, the jurors of Krakow Arts Salon will grant the Grand Prix Award and select laureates in four categories: the Image of the Year, the Object of the Year, the Media Work of the Year, and the Process of the Year. Works sent to the competition are not allocated to any of the said categories straight away, because we have also decided not to distinguish works created by means of particular media. We want the awards to correspond, not so much to the technique applied, but to a possibility of reading a given work of art. Also, we do not exclude a possibility that the Image of the Year could be a video work, and the Process of the Year, an oil-on-canvass painting.

Krakow Arts Salon is not only an opportunity to meet a group of artists, but, first of all, to be in touch with the audience. That is why the sixth award will be granted by the audience itself through voting. The award, in the same amount as the remaining ones, granted by the jury, will be granted to the artist who will get the highest number of votes during the nine days of the exhibition.


Award amounts:


the Grand Prix of the Salon: PLN 20 000

the Image of the Year: PLN 6 000

the Object of the Year: PLN 6 000

the Media Work of the Year: PLN 6 000

the Process of the Year: PLN 6 000

the Audience Award: PLN 6 000

The Wojtek Falęcki Creative Scholarship / The Wojtek Falęcki Artist Scholarship

As part of the 2018 Krakow Arts Salon, a new special prize will be awarded. The Wojtek Falęcki Creative Scholarship has been founded in memory of Wojtek Falęcki, a passionate collector and an expert in contemporary art. Thanks to his intuition, insight and unwavering faith in artists, he became an important commentator on the Polish art scene. He believed in the potential of art to surprise, break barriers, and propose alternative ways of thinking.

Continuing Wojtek’s engagement with the Polish art world, his family has chosen to award a three-month scholarship to one of the Krakow Arts Salon’s participating artists. The scholarship will be awarded for the period of January to March 2019 and will culminate in a solo exhibition at the F.A.I.T. Gallery. The prize is funded privately by the collector’s wife and daughter and amounts to a total of PLN 10,000. It also aims to encourage other private individuals – collectors and art enthusiasts – to subsidize and support the arts in Poland.

Logotype: Pola Dwurnik

The Grand Prix of the Salon: Karol Palczak “Snowman”
The Image of the Year: Marek Bro “Lawenda i siki”
The Object of the Year: Łukasz Skąpski “Klincz. Nowa architektura w Europie”
The Process of the Year: Patrycja Maksylewicz “Ślubowanie”
The Media Work of the Year: Przemek Krzakiewicz “Natłok (Krakowski Manhattan)”
The Wojtek Falęcki Creative Scholarship: Marek Chlanda

The Audience Award will be announced on October 20th at 4 pm before the auction.